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Float plane. Photo Julien Seguinot.

The fate of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet

A new study in Science reconstructs the fate of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet at the end of the last ice age.

Green Sahara. Foto Qiong Zhang.

Simulate the abrupt transition from green Sahara to a desert Sahara

This project with Qiong Zhang is a collaboration with Lund University ecosystem modelling group.

Nytt forskningsprojekt fotograf Ninis Rosqvist

New research project with Ninis Rosqvist

A snow quality assessment tool based on new techniques and Sámi knowledge (Snow4All).

Photo: Gustaf Hugelius

The sensitivity of global soils to warming is underestimated

A new global analyses shows that the carbon stored in soils of cold regions has a stronger temperature sensitivity than expected while tropical soils seem relatively insensitive to warming.