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Tarfala Research Station

Four glaciers are located in the Tarfala valley of which Storglaciären is the most well known and one of the best studied glaciers in the world. The valley, which is a typical sub-arctic high alpine valley, encompasses the altitudinal range between 800 and 2099 m.

Kebnekaise south summit measured altitude 2097.1 m 9 September 2016. There is still 0.3 m winter snow left. North summit is 2096.8 m high. New snow makes further melting unlikely this season.

Tarfala research station is open between mid-March to early May and from late June to mid-September.

We welcome scientists and students from national and international universities who wish to carry out research projects or run a course.
The stations are also an excellent platform for workshops and meetings.
Read more about Terms and conditions for visits to Tarfala Research Station (TRS)

The height of Kebnekaise was measured August 18, 2017 to the 2098.5 msl, which is 1.7 meters higher than Nordtoppen that is 2096.8 meters above sea level.


Gunhild "Ninis" Rosqvist
Tel: +468-16 49 83
Cell phone +46702 29 34 04
E-mail: gunhild.rosqvist@natgeo.su.se

Torbjörn Karlin
Telefon 08-16 42 20
E-post: torbjorn.karlin@natgeo.su.se

Tarfala forskningsstation
Tel: +4672-715 50 39


(during field season)
Tarfala forskningsstation
c/o Kebnekaise fjällstation
981 29 Kiruna

(other times)
Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm



Tarfala data at the Bolin Center research database


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