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    Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

    Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

    3D-visualization showing the seafloor bathymetry of the previously uncharted Sherard Osborn Fjord.

    Key Insights into Glacial Melting Processes

    New bathymetric and oceanographic data collected by an international team of ocean scientists.

    Virunga-bergen in Uganda. Photo: Achim Prill / Mostphotos.

    Phosphorus deficit may disrupt regional food supply chains

    New study shows shortage of global phosphorus, a key ingredient in fertilizers, by 2045.

    Vinnarna av Sigge Thernwalls pris 2020. Joakim Jeppsson, Georgia Destouni och Thomas Blanksvärd. Fot

    Gia Destouni receives the Sigge Thernwall’s prize 2020

    Sigge Thernwall’s prize is given to dedicated persons with innovative solutions when bringing their own and others’ research from theory to practical application in society.



    ChangeMakers aims to develop sustainable thinking and innovative competence on environmental sector of Finnish (inc. Åland), Estonian, Latvian and Swedish 15-17-year-old students.