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Welcome to the Biogeography and Geomatics research unit!


Biogeography is the study of the spatial distribution of plants and animals – “Life on Earth”. Our research focuses on understanding historical and present interactions of humans, plants and animals with landscapes, and their effects on biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem services. We work at multiple scales, from pastures to regions, from genetic diversity to ecosystems, both in water and on land.

Geomatics is the acquisition, management and analysis of geospatial data. It includes geographical information science (GIS), Earth Observation (EO), surveying and geodesy. Our research develops methods to exploit the capabilities of geodata for a range of applications in Earth and environmental sciences. Presently our research focus is on questions related to the Arctic and sub-Arctic, including research into snow and permafrost. Both areas have become increasingly important for informing environmental policy relating to climate and land use change from the local to the international scale.

Our unit is responsible for two Master's programs (Landscape Ecology and Geomatics with Remote Sensing and GIS) and we are engaged in all three of the department's Bachelor level programs.

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Head of research unit

Prof. Sara Cousins


Phone: +46 8 16 47 67

Senior Lecturer Gustaf Hugelius


Phone: +46 8 674 78 73