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Alumni network
We wish to stay in touch with former students and researchers. Our alumni are part of the valuable network that supports us in a range of different ways: by being important ambassadors and by engaging in the development of research and education.

Enterprise Collaboration
We are actively working with organizations, agencies, companies and individuals outside the university. We want to build networks, so that the step from universities to industry to be short and easy to take.

Advances in research are not just for us but for the public. Through the media, we can contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and debate. With communication we can increase understanding, interest and broaden the views for the future.

Collaboration projects and news

  • Vinnarna av Sigge Thernwalls pris 2020. Joakim Jeppsson, Georgia Destouni och Thomas Blanksvärd. Foto: Joakim Ström. Gia Destouni receives the Sigge Thernwall’s prize 2020 2020-09-18 Sigge Thernwall’s prize is given to dedicated persons with innovative solutions when bringing their own and others’ research from theory to practical application in society.
  • Animated maps 2020-06-24 Animated Geography is a project that shows the development of beach offset in the form of maps. The maps show how the land in different parts of Uppland gradually become available from the Stone Age to modern times.
  • Swedish mountains in autumn colors. Photo: Sandra Wall-Reinius. Sustainable development of the Swedish mountains 2018-06-29 During five years the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency financed a large scale research initiative called A Magnificent Mountain Landscape including several research projects.
  • New research project with Ninis Rosqvist 2017-11-07 A snow quality assessment tool based on new techniques and Sámi knowledge (Snow4All).
  • Future Mountains. Photo: Makers Only. Future Mountains 2016-10-07 About research that makes a difference


Communicator/Alumni Coordinator
Malin Stenberg de Serves
Tel: +46 8-16 10 52
Mobile: +46 70-618 25 35

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