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Courses at Master's level (second cycle)

Autumn term period 1 (A-B)
Applied Environmental Modelling, 15 credits
Landscape Ecology - Theory and Design, 15 credits
Local to Global Water Vulnerability and Resilience, 15 credits
Polar and Alpine Environments and Climate Change, 15 credits
Political Ecology - Land Use and Natural Resources in a Local to Global Perspective, 15 credits
Autumn term period 2 (C-D)
Applied Remote Sensing and GIS for Landscape Analysis, 15 credits
Case Studies of Environmental Impact Assessments, 15 credits
Geographic Analysis and Visualization in GIS, 15 credits
Global Climate and Environmental Change, 15 credits
Information and Modelling Systems for Land and Water Methods, 15 credits
Methods in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, 15 Credits

Courses at Bachelor's level (first cycle)

Autumn term period 1-2 (A-D), distans
Climate Variability, 7.5 credits
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 7.5 credits
Geomorphological Processes, 7.5 credits
Earth Science by Distance Learning - Specialisation, 15 credits
Tellus I - Physical Geography, 15 credits
Tellus II - Physical Geography, 12.5 credits