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Tellus II - Physical Geography, 12.5 credits

GE4023 Tellus II - Naturgeografi, 12,5 hp

The course is a pure distance course and deals with the Earth´s shape, mapping- and  remote sensing methods and Geographical Information Systems as well as basic cartography. Furthermore, it deals with the Quaternary climate development, soil classification, soil genesis and distribution, litho-, bio- and chronostratigraphical analysis methods as well as soil related environmental problems. Also the interaction between soil conditions and biotopes, links between the physical landscape and species distribution as well as biogeography´s application in nature preservation are addressed during the course.

The course is a component of the Bachelor's Programme in Earth Science, Distance Learning, 180 credits, and it can also be taken as an individual course.

Course literature

Fredén, C. (editor), 1994: Geology. National Atlas of Sweden. ISBN 91-87760-28-2.
Holden, J., 2012: An introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment. Third edition. Pearson Education Limited. ISBN 978-0-273-74069-8.


Lena Åkerblom

Language of instruction



Spring term 2020, IT-distance, Study tempo 50%.
Autumn term 2020, IT-distance, Study tempo 50%.
Spring term 2021, IT-distance, Study tempo 50%.


Competence equivalent to Earth I - Physical Geography, 15 ECTS credits (GE2020) or equivalent. Swedish upper secondary school course English B/English 6.


Application period for spring term: 15 September until 15 October.
Application period for autumn term: 15 March until 15 April.

• Applications are made via

Tuition fees only concern citizens outside the EU, EES and Switzerland

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