The course is technical and at the same time practically oriented and deals with applied landscape analysis from an aerial view perspective with a focus on data, methods and skill training. These knowledge and skills are in demand by consulting companies and authorities, mainly municipalities.

The course deals with theory for, as well as processing and interpretation of, photogrammetric aerial image data in combination with other spatial data for applied landscape analysis. The course includes the production and use of various photogrammetric and cartographic data to create appropriate workflows and prerequisites for analysis where aerial photographic interpretation in 3D is included. The course provides training in the handling of digital photogrammetric 3D systems in connection with GIS.

Language of instruction



Spring term, period C. Study tempo 100%.


Admission to the course requires knowledge equivalent to at least 90 ECTS credits in biology, biology-earth sciences, geography, Earth sciences, or environmental sciences that must include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 7.5 ECTS credits or equivalent knowledge. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6.


Application period for autumn term: 15 September until 15 October.

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This also applies to master's students who are going to apply for optional courses within a program.