Our courses (first cycle and second cycle) are focused on climate change, quaternary geology, glaciology and polar environments, hydrology, land- and water resources, landscape ecology, environmental management, landscape analysis, geomatic, GIS and remote sensing.

Master's level (second cycle) Credits Period
Advanced Hydrogeology 7.5           Spring, B
Advanced Hydrology 7.5 Spring, A
Advance Remote Sensing 15 Spring, A-B
Applied Aerial Photographic Techniques for Landscape analysis 7.5 Spring, C
Applied Environmental Modelling 15 Autumn, A-B
Applied Remote Sensing and GIS for Landscape Analysis 15 Autumn, A-B, and C-D
Climate Model Simulations 7.5 Spring, C
Case Studies of Environmental Impact Assessments 15 Autumn, C-D
Ecohydrology (Summmer 2022) 7.5 Summer
Environmental Management in Planning 15 Spring, A-B
Geographic Analysis and Visualization in GIS 15 Autumn, C-D
Glaciology 7.5 Spring, B
Global Climate and Environmental Change 15 Autumn, C-D
Green Infrastructure in Forestry and Agriculture 15 Autumn, A-B
Hydrological Modelling 15 Autumn, C-D
International Environmental Issues 15 Spring, C-D
Landscape Ecology - Theory and Design 15 Autumn, A-B
Methods in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology 15 Autumn, C-D
Paleoglaciology 7.5 Spring, D
Permafrost - Interactions with Ecology and Hydrology 7.5 Spring, A
Polar and Alpine Environments and Climate Change 15 Autumn, A-B
Political Ecology - Land Use and Natural Resources in a Local to Global Perspective 15 Autumn, A-B
Project in Landscape Ecology 7.5 Spring, D
Water Management and Pollution 15 Spting, C-D
Water Resources Sustainability 15 Autumn, A-B
Quaternary Climate and Environmental Reconstructions 15 Spring, A-B
Quaternary Sedimentology 7.5 Spring, C


Bachelor's level (first cycle) Credits  
Glaciers and High Mountain Environments (Summmer 2021) 7.5 Summer
Tellus III - Physical Geography (Summmer 2021)
Bachelor's level (first cycle) Distance Courses    
Tellus I - Physical Geography 15 Autumn, Spring,
Tellus II - Physical Geography 12.5 Autumn, Spring
Climate Variability 7.5 Autumn
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 7.5 Autumn, Spring
Geomorphological Processes 7.5 Autumn
Earth Science by Distance Learning - Specialisation 15 Autumn, Spring