You will practice your knowledge and skills and you will learn how physical geographical work is organised and carried out in a company, organisation or authority. You are expected to participate in the daily work as any other employee.

Before starting your traineeship, the place of work and the external supervisor must be accepted by the university examiner. The course starts with a mandatory introduction at the university after which you start your traineeship. After the traineeship you will report to the examiner at the university. The report should be in writing (in the form of a diary) an oral presentation. No more than 15 credits (ECTS credits) of traineeship courses may be included in a degree.

Traineeship courses at the department

GE8005 Traineeship in Geography, 15 credits
Main Teacher: Annika Dahlberg, e-mail:

GE8015 Traineeship in Environmental Protection, 15 credits
Main Teacher: Salim Belyazid, e-mail:

GE7021 Traineeship in Physical Geography, 15 credits
GE7020 Traineeship in Quaternary Geology, 15 credits
Main Teacher: Steffen Holzkämper, e-mail:


Please check each Syllabus for specific requirements. Also required is knowledge equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English B.


Follow the link for more information: Traineeship instruction and information (335 Kb)

Application for this courses, is only possible for students that are admitted to one of the Master’s programmes at the Department of Physical Geography. Contact Program responsible, Study Consellor or the Director of Studies.

Erasmus+ traineeship

If you are going to do one of the traineeship courses (15 credits) abroad and within the EU then you can also apply for an Erasmus+ Scholarship