Grades at Stockholm University
A - Excellent
B - Very good
C - Good
D - Satisfactory
E - Sufficient
Fx = Fail, some additional work required
F = Fail, much additional work required

In addition to the seven grade system (A-F) there is a two grade system; G Pass and U Fail. G-U is used for minor course elements like participation in a compulsory excursion or a laboratory experiment but also for placement (work experience) courses.

The grades (A-F and G-U) are goal-related (criterion referenced grading); not group-referenced (norm referenced grading). Grades are given for tests and for courses. A course grade is based on one or more tests (one or more exams) within a course. A course module can include one or more tests. For each test grade there is a written criteria, distributed at the start of the course or module. Students who have passed (got A-E or G) can not be examined again to get a better grade. The final grade on each course is an outcome of the individual results of the tests. In order to receive an aggregated grade it is necessary to have obtained pass grades (A-E or G) for all tests included in the course.

In the Third Cycle (PdH Level) the grades are two: G Pass and U Fail.