To use other people’s expressions or ideas without stating where they are from is plagiarism. To translate and/or change some words in someone else’s text and present it as one’s own is obviously also a form of plagiarism. There must be no doubt about what your own expressions and ideas are and what has been gathered from other sources.

Plagiarism is considered to be cheating, and if discovered or suspected in an exam, thesis or any other written assignment, grading will be postponed until a decision on the matter has been made by the Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Committee of Stockholm University. Should the student be found guilty, the exam or assignment will be considered invalid.

Any student who is caught cheating or disrupting academic activities can be suspended from lectures and exams for a period of up to six months. This would have grave consequences for exchange students as you might not be allowed to gain any credits during your exchange period.

The Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Council decides whether the student is to be subject to any disciplinary measures.

Regulations for Disciplinary Matters at Stockholm University