What is SCEG?

  • SCEG is a student council for Bachelor and Master students who study environmental science or geosciences. 
  • SCEG covers three departments: NG, IGV and ACES. 
  • SCEG’s purpose is to look for, promote, protect and represent the students’ interests in issues regarding them. 
  • SCEG have representatives in decision making Departmental boards, study environment and equal opportunities boards, education preparation boards etc., which means you have great chances of impacting your time as a student!

What can you do?

  • Join SCEG’s Facebook group to keep up to date on the latest news on student issues, and to connect with other environmental and geosciences students. 
  • Let SCEG know what you think can be improved about your courses or study environment, for example, and what is already working well. 
  • Join the SCEG board if you want to discuss these issues with other engaged students and to drive issues and projects to make changes! 
  • Swing by one of SCEG’s meetings, time and place can be found in the Facebook group and on Instagram. There’s always fika and good company!

Contact or follow us!

Email: sceg.studentcouncil@gmail.com
Post-box: White post-box, inside next to the entrance, house U, level one.
Facebook: SCEG
Instagram: sceg.su