Study guidance

Study counsellor for Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology (Hydrology, Geomatic, Landscape Ecology, Quaternary Sciences and Glaciology), Environmental Management and Physical Planning, Earth Science, Biology-Earth Science and environmental courses

Maria Damberg
Phone hour: Mon-Thur 9.00-9.45 am
Tel: +46 8-16 47 98
Room: S304 - Visiting hour according to agreement

Study counsellor for Geography and Sustainable Social Change

Amanda Åberg (part time study counsellor)
Tel: +46 8-674 75 89
Room: T334 - Visiting hour according to agreement on Fridays

Student offices

Geography, Earth Science, Master’s programmes in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology

Kerstin Hörnby
Tel: +46 8-16 48 07
Room: T331

Biology-Earth science, environmental courses, Master’s Programme in Environmental Management and Physical Planning

Erik Hansson
Tel: +46 8-16 48 00
Room: T333

Master’s Programme in Landscape Ecology, Sustainable social change and distance courses

Lena Åkerblom
Tel: +46 8-16 47 81
Room: S308

Degree projects coordinator (Masters thesis)

Elisabeth Sturesson
Tel: +46 8-16 46 70
Room: T322

Director of Studies for the FC and the SC

Jerker Jarsjö
Tel: +46 8-16 49 61

Visiting address

Geovetenskapens hus, Svante Arrhenius väg 12, Frescati.

Postal address

Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University
S- 106 91 Stockholm