Admission, course information and registration

If you have applied for single courses starting in the autumn term 2020 via in the April 15 application round you will get an admission decision in mid-July via If you are admitted, don’t forget to answer through (My pages) to keep your place (does not apply for newly admitted master´s students).

Schedule and course information will be sent by e-mail to all admitted students including master’s students in late July.

The autumn term starts 31 August. Mandatory course introductions are held for courses and programmes starting this day. Registration takes place either via the web in advance or in connection with the roll call. For most courses at advanced level you cannot register in advance by the web. Information about what applies to your particular course/program will be found in the welcome letter that is sent to all admitted students during July. Specific course information is also provided via the mailing in July.

If you have questions about registration, schedule or list of literature you can contact our Student offices from mid-August. Student offices and counsellors

From 15th of July it may be possible to make a late application for some of our courses via

Information to students regarding Covid19-impacts on autumn semester teaching

During the first half of the autumn semester, we generally expect that the teaching due to Covid19 will need to contain a considerable element of distance tuition. (However, the extent may vary from course to course.) One of the reasons is that, in default operation mode, our lecture rooms do not meet the current recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (In Swedish: Folkhälsomyndigheten, FHM) on social distancing. Students who are outside of Sweden's borders must also be offered distance tuition, as long as entry possibilities are limited. If the FHM's recommendations will (gradually) ease, the degree of campus teaching can (gradually) increase.


On June 15, the Public Health Agency of Sweden (FHM) removed its recommendation about distance tuition in higher education. However, the Swedish government announced (May 29) that university teaching may still need to be given partly in distance tuition mode to reduce the spread of infection. For instance, FHM's general recommendations on social distancing continue to apply and must be followed. In line with this, the vice Dean of Stockholm University has decided to “partially return to campus-based teaching if and when it is possible. The recommendations of FHM need to be followed”.


Welcome activities

Stockholm University organizes a series of welcome activities that stretch over a few weeks at the beginning of each semester: Welcome activities

New student

Useful information for your studies and your student life: New student

Contacts during summer

From early July until mid-August many of us at the department are on summer vacation. The entrance to Geovetenskapens hus (Earth science building) is closed.

If you have an urgent matter regarding admission you can use Find the answer to your question! You may also contact Admissions office in Studenthuset.

Information for arriving exchange students

Useful information for exchange students regarding: Orientation Day, Arrival Service, Service and more

If you have applied for courses and have got an e-mail about admission from the international coordinator Maria Damberg, then you will receive course information no later than mid-July. If you are starting a course later on in the autumn term (November) then you will receive course information later on (a couple of weeks before the course starts). To get e.g. papers signed or similar, please make an appointment by sending an e-mail to from mid-August. Welcome to Stockholm University and our department! Maria Damberg will be back at office from mid-August.

We wishes you a wonderful summer!