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Study information

This part contains information about studying at the department and the university.

You will also find lots of useful information on the Stockholm University web pages for prospective and current students.

Academic calender

The Academic year contains two semesters (terms): the Autumn term and the Spring term.

Academic Writing Service

The Academic Writing Service provides writing support to all students who write their course work.

Credit Transfer

Below, you will find information about credit transfer of studies.


Are you nearing the end of your studies? Read about graduation.

Educational system

Information about credits, cycles, grades and languages.

Equal treatment of students

All students at Stockholm University are entitled to equal treatment.

Plagiarism and regulations for disciplinary matters

As a student you have to be conscientious about clearly accounting for the material used in the texts that are submitted for examination.

SCEG – Student Council of Environmental and Geosciences

SCEG - Student Council of Environmental and Geo science

Do you want to join SCEG and represent your and other students’ interests during your time at SU? 


On this site can you see schedules based on the course event you are registered on.

Study support systems and University Account

Here is a collection of links to study support systems and the most important IT services for students at Stockholm University.

Studying with a disability

Stockholm University welcomes students with disabilities and the University's goal is to make sure that all registered students at Stockholm University have equal rights and opportunities.