The first day consisted of a symposium where presentations and subsequent discussions were based on three main topics:
- What are the motives for continued management of semi-natural pastures?
- What are the attitudes of different actors to these motives in relation to agricultural benefits?
- What are the actions needed to ensure sustainable future use of semi-natural pastures?

On the second day, three parallel workshops were held allowing for the topics from day one to be discussed more thoroughly. The workshop sessions were divided into three themes:
1. The Design of Future Subsidy Systems
2. Future and Alternative Management Methods
3. Information and Communication

The purpose of this report is to compile all the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that emerged from the workshop, regarding potential measures that could be implemented to ensure the future sustainable management of semi-natural pastures in Sweden. The report first summarises the presentations from the first day of the meeting to provide context to the feedback received from participating stakeholders. 

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