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About the Station

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Nina Kirchner
Tel: +468 16 29 88
Mobile: +46 706090558
E-mail: nina.kirchner@natgeo.su.se

Per Holmlund
Tel: +48 16 48 11
Mobile +46 702677836
Email: per.holmlund@natgeo.su.se

Tarfala Research Station
Telephone: 072-715 50 39


(during field season)
Tarfala research station
c / o Kallax Flyg AB
Nikkaluokta Air Base
SE 98199 Nikkaluokta

Postal address other time:
Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University
SE 106 91 Stockholm

Estate address summer season:
Tarfala forskningsstation
c/o Kallax Flyg AB
Nikkaluokta flygbas
SE 98199 Nikkaluokta
Telefon +46(0)980-81000

Estate address winter season:
Nikkaluokta Sarri AB
attn. Erik Sarri
Nikkaluokta 1104
SE 981 99 Kiruna
Telephone  +46(0)980-55015 


Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science


Tarfala data at the Bolin Center research database


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