The extension of Swedish glaciers was first documented systematically just before 1910. The first measurements of massbalance were conducted on Storglaciären, Tarfala in the spring 1946. Since then, we have every year measured how much snow that accumulates on the glacier and how much snow and ice melt in the summer (ablation). The data series from Storglaciären is the longest in the world of its kind and is useful for assessments of the effect of climate change on glaciers and for the detailed glaciological studies that is being carried out on Storglaciären.

Our monitoring programme also includes measurements of massbalance on another four glaciers. The snout position of another 20 glaciers, of which many are located in the Sarek mountains, is also measured every five-year or so to provide regional information about the state of Swedish glaciers. Discharge in the Tarfala valley, snow and ice chemistry, mountain meteorology and permafrost is also monitored.