Water and Climate

Holisoils - Soil Microbiota

New project focuses on management, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils

Soils are increasingly recognised to have an important role, but there are significant knowledge gaps on forest soil processes and soil monitoring is not sufficiently harmonised, which limits the EU’s ability to maintain soil-related ecosystem services and to reach climate policy targets.


BALSYS: Baltic Sea Region System

Georgia Destouni


Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate Research Area of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Jerker Jarsjö


KLIV: Climate-land-water changes and integrated water resource management in coastal region

Georgia Destouni


Landscape and water processes theme of the Stockholm University strategic research programme EKOKLIM

Georgia Destouni


Norrström ecohydrology demosite - Part of UNESCO IHP ecohydrology demonstration network

Georgia Destouni


Water research theme of the Navarino Environmental Observatory

Georgia Destouni