This project is a partnership between staff from the Nepali Groundwater Resources Development Board (GWRDB), the Himalayan Biodiversity and Climate Change Center (HimBioCliCC), SmartPhones4Water (S4W), Stockholm University (SU), and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).  The project outlines an essential step forward towards improving our understanding and management of groundwater resources in the Kathmandu Valley by: (1) establishing a common platform for organizing, quality controlling, and sharing open source hydrologic data; (2) prioritizing and initiating future citizen science + mobile phone based data collection of groundwater levels, spring flows, precipitation, and streamflow; and (3) sharing this information with key stakeholders with the aims to scale up.  The goal is to ultimately expand this model throughout the country to generate the information needed to support sustainable management of groundwater resources now and into Nepal’s future.