Mikael Hovemyr

Viability of Interferogram Stacking for Change Detection in Arctic Environments Using ESA Sentinel-1 Data

Datum, tid och sal: Fredag den 15 juni, kl 13:30 i Ahlmannsalen
Handledare: Ian Brown
Examinator: Johan Kleman
Masterprogram i geomatik med fjärranalys och GIS, 120 hp
Examensarbete i naturgeografi och kvartärgeologi, 60 hp
Presentationen är på engelska

In this project, parameterisation for the SBAS interferogram stacking method using Sentinel-1 data over Arctic and sub-Arctic environments was attempted using stack thinning and a moving stack. While the study could not identify a complete set of thresholds for processing parameters, limits and expected behaviour for variations in stack length and stack distribution as well as expected effects of time periods transitioning into snow cover were discussed. Finally, a list of recommendations for SBAS processing in these environments was presented.