Kårsaglaciären in late 2003.
Kårsaglaciären in late 2003. Photo Gunhild Rosqvist.

Kårsaglaciären is situated in the Abisko mountains (68°N, 18°E). In the beginning of this century it was a valley glacier with an areal extension of 2.6 km2. The size of the present glacier is only about 1.1 km2 and it may best be described as a mountain side glacier. The glacier was first documented by Svenonius in 1884 and 1886 (Svenonius 1910). Svenonius also visited the glacier during succesive years until 1908. He made front observations, ice velocity measurements and took photographs. He also constructed a map of the frontal part of the glacier in 1908 (Svenonius 1910). His data show that the glacier grow thicker between 1884 and 1908


In the 1920s Ahlmann initiated mass balance studies and he also constructed a map in the scale 1:10 000 based on terrestrial photographs and ground surveys (Ahlmann och Tryselius 1929).

In 1943, Wallén initiated a meteorological-glaciological study on Kårsaglaciären. He measured the energy balance and the mass balance of the glacier. He also constructed a map based on aerial photographs taken in 1943 (Wallén 1948). Since 1961 the front position has been monitored more or less annually. Mass balance measurements have been carried out by Eriksson 1981/82-1984/85 and by Bodin 1990-1994. Aerial photographs (verticals) were taken in 1978 and 1991 by LMV.

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