Mårmaglaciären is located c. 25 km to the northwest from Tarfala and Storglaciären in the Mårma massif (68°05'N, 18°41'E). It is a valley glacier heading eastward with an areal extent of 3.9 km2, an average depth of 140 m and a maximum depth of 270 m. The glacier tongue is dammed inside huge ice cored moraines. The glacier has been subject to much research focusoing on its polythermal structure (Holmlund etal., 1996, Geogr. Ann.) and the possibility to extract paleoclimatic records from polythermal glaciers. The mass balance of the glacier has also been measured since 1988. Data is reported in the Tarfala Research Station Annual Report and also available at this web site (click here to get to the download site)
Mårmaglaciären was first documented by Enquist who photographed its tongue in 1918. The second documentation dates to 1952 when the glacier front was well documented by photographs taken by Valter Schytt. The moraines were examined by Østrem in order to estimate the thickness of the ice core in the ridges (Østrem 1965). In 1968 the glacier was included in the glacier front monitoring programme.

Maps in the scale 1:10 000 has been constructed, based on aerial photographs taken in 1959, 1978 and 1991. Only the 1978-map was printed.
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Mårmaglaciären in Late July 2003
Mårmaglaciären in Late July 2003. Photo P. Jansson


An oblique view over Mårmaglaciärens southern cirque
An oblique view over Mårmaglaciärens southern cirque. Photo: Per Holmlund, 1985.