Salajekna is the largest glacier in Sweden (67°08'N, 16°23'E). It is a valley glacier with an areal extension of 24 km2. The main part of the accumulation area is situated in Norway and it flows SE into Sweden where it turns south. The maximum depth found by radar surveys was 300 metres (Klingbjer in prep.).
Salajekna is the first glacier described from Sweden. In 1807 Wahlenberg visited the glacier and wrote a spectacular description of the area including drawings and glaciological thoughts (1808). This is the earliest glaciological description in Sweden, useful for present scientific work. He describes audible cracking in the ice fall and horrible sounds from the interior of the glacier. Wahlenberg may have visited the glacier during an advance of its front position.
In the 1870s the glacier was visited and described by Svenonius (1878). In 1899 Westman visited the glacier and photographed the view from the same frontier cairn as was used by Wahlenberg (STF 1899). Salajekna was described in the beginning of the 20th century by Westman (1910) and Svenonius (1910). In 1965 Salajekna was included in the glacier front observation system and its recession has succesively been monitored each second to each fourth year. Glacier maps were produced by Østrem (1985) based on photographs taken in 1953, 1959, 1971 and 1983. A digital map based on aerial photographs taken in 1992 was produced by Klingbjer (in prep.)
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Salajekna map



A historical comparison of the extent of Salajekna as seen from the border cairn n. xxx. Upper drawing is from Wahlenberg ( 14 June, 1807), middle picture is from Johan Westman (Aug., 1897), lower picture was taken by P. Klingbjer (25 Aug., 2000). 


Salajekna historical compare


25 Aug., 2000
This picture was taken by P. Klingbjer (25 Aug., 2000). Note that the perspective in the drawing is not perfectly compatible with the photographs.