Tarfalaglaciären (67°56'N, 18°39'E) is a thin cirque glacier on the eastern slope of Tarfalatjåkka. Its areal extension is 0.85 km2, average slope is 25 degrees and average depth is 19 m. The glacier has two parts, a northern one with a maximum thickness of 51 m and a southern one with a maximum thickness of 48 m. The glacier has been described by Schytt (1959) and Grudd (1990)

The first photogrammetric documentation of this glacier was made by Enquist in 1914 (1918). The oldest aerial photographs were taken in 1946 by the Swedish air force. The mass balance has been discontinuously recorded since 1986 (Grudd 1990). Maps exist from 1980 and 1990.

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Tarfalaglaciären in late July 2003. Photo P. Jansson