Events escaping measurements may have occurred during the period 1945-present that would alter some of the data cited below.


Drainage basin area 20.6 km2
Drainage basin elevation 800-2114 m a.s.l.
Glaciers in basin 6
Total glacierised area 6.18 km2
Total lake area 0.54 km2
Tarfala lake 0.51 km2
Maximum depth of Tarfala lake 52 m
Max temperature ~+20
Min Temperature ~-30
Average temperature -3.9°C
Average summer temperature +5.5°C
Average winter temperature -8.9°C
Average annual wind speed 3.1 m/s
Maximum wind speed 81 m/s
Average summer precipitation 350 mm
Average winter precipitation 600 mm (estimate)
Maximum precipitation intensity 80 mm in 12 hrs
Average summer discharge 4 m3/s
Maximum discharge 25 m3/s
Winter discharge 0.02-0.03 m3/s
Average sediment load 5743*103 kg/year
Maximum sediment load ~5600*103 kg/day (July 13, 1984)

Tarfala Research Station

Elevation 1135 m a.s.l
Current number of buildings 11
Buildings demolished by wind 5
PhD theses 14 (Østrem, Jonsson, Stenborg, Karlén, Holmlund, Bronge, Kennett, Kohler, Brugger, Jansson, Pohjola, Cutler, Hock, Näslund, Klingbjer, Pettersson, Hedfors)
Scientific papers relating to TRS 185
Papers after 1990 53

Storglaciären 1998

Area 3.1 km2
Volume 288*106 m3
Average thickness 93 m
Maximum thickness 255 m
Average winter balance 1.45 m w.e.
Average summer balance 1.70 m w.e.
Retreat since 1910 stand 550 m
Average annual velocity at EL 30 m/year