Climate Science and Quaternary Geology Research Unit

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    Climate Science and Quaternary Geology

    We study climate and environmental changes, under present conditions and back in time during the glacial cycles of the Quaternary period.

    Modern instrumental observational data are used together with information from natural archives such as lake sediments, peat bogs, ice cores, cave deposits, tree rings, glacial sediments, and archaeological material, to study changes in climate and the environment. Our research material come from the entire world and we have ongoing projects in the Nordic countries, Europe, Africa, South America, Northern Russia, the Himalayas, Canada, Antarctica and Greenland. We also perform simulations with climate models on large computers to study the functional behaviour of the climate system under conditions different from those of today. That helps us to better interpret the information stored in the different natural archives.

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    Head of Research Unit

    Margareta Hansson

    Tel: +46 8 674 78 65

    Stefan Wastegård

    Tel: +46 8 16 48 92