2018- 2021     EU-Horizon 2020 Research proposal. COASTAL – COllaborative lAnd-Sea inTegrAtion pLatform Co-applicant. Received funds: 5 mill Euros

Sustainable management of ecosystem services for long term aquaculture production in the Mekong Delta. Sida, Partner Driven Cooperation.
Main applicant. 2011-2014 (January).
Received funds: 4, 5 million SEK
Collaborating partners: The Beijer Institute of Environmental Economics, Sweden, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, WWF-Vietnam, Hanoi Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Min City (HCMC), Vietnam
An Giang University (AGU), Long Xuyen, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – HCMUT. Department of ecology, environment and plant sciences, Stockholm University
Mainstreaming an ecosystem based approach to climate change adaptation and biodiversity
conservation planning in Vietnam. Sida, Partner Driven Cooperation. Co-applicant together with Vietnamese Ministry of Environment and WWF-Vietnam.
Total funds: 10,5 million SEK
Integrated rice-fish farming-safegarding biodiversity for sustainable food production in the Vietnam Delta. PhD student project. Sida
Collaborating partners: Nong Lam University, Cantho University, department of ecology, environment and plant sciences, Stockholm University

Green Infrastructures for ecological sustainability and human wellbeing: a network of forest rural and urban landscapes as laboratories for integrative research. Formas, Strong research environments. Together with SLU, Kristianstad univ.; Moscow Lomonosov State Univ., Russia; Univ. of New Brunswick and Univ. of Quebec, Canada and Michigan Technological Univ., US. 

Integrated nature and cultural heritage conservation in the Swedish mountains. 

The effect of biomass withdrawal on the nutrient balance in forest soils, Funded by the Swedish Forest Agency. 
Participatory governance in Swedish forestry 2010 - 2015
Gender, fishing communities and climate change in Zanzibar, Tanzania and Inhaca Mozambique. Vetenskapsrådet, VR
Potential of Agrovoltaic Systems to Reduce Land Use Competition Between Food and Energy Production