Stefano Manzoni

Stefano Manzoni receives ERC Consolidator Grant

The aim of the research is to answer the long-standing question: How are land use and climatic changes affecting soil fertility and the amount of carbon we can store in soil?

Collapsed peatland when permafrost thaws, Tavvavuoma in northern Sweden. Photo: Britta Sannel.

Peatland carbon stocks are more vulnerable than previously thought

Warming temperatures and human actions threaten to turn the world’s peatlands from carbon reservoirs to carbon sources.

SU in collaboration with Japan

Gia Destouni has been with a delegation from Stockholm University headed by Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding at the University of Tokyo in late February 2017.

Examples of news articles about the recent Science paper:

Jaramillo F, Destouni G (2015), Local flow regulation and irrigation raise global human water consumption and footprint, Science, 350 (6265), 1248-1251