Mikkaglaciären (67°25'N, 17°42'E) is a valley glacier with a smooth longitudinal profile. It is heading southwards with one accumulation area in NV and one to the east. In 1980 it had an areal extension of 7.1 km2. Its tongue was radio-echo sounded in 1983 (Holmlund 1986) showing a very smooth bed with a maximum depth of 170 metres

Its terminus position was mapped for the first time in 1895 by Hamberg (1901). He surveyed the terminus position every year until 1916. He also made a map in the scale 1:50 000 covering the whole massif (1901) and a map of the tongue in the scale 1: 10 000 from 1900 (Hamberg 1910). Hamberg also made ice velocity and ablation measurements over several years. The velocities were resurveyed around 1960 (Larsson 1966). Mass balance data is available from the late 1950ies (Norling 1957) and from 1983 (Holmlund 1983).

During the 1960's Stenborg (1968, 1969, 1970) developed an empirically based model for the en- and subglacial drainage of Mikkaglaciären. This information was later reinterpreted with additional bed topography information by Holmlund (1988).

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