Rabots glaciär is a valley glacier situated on the western side of the Kebnekaise massif (67°55'N, 18°29'E). It was first described by Schytt (1947, 1959) and later by Brugger (1992) Stroeven and van de Val (1990). It has a gently sloping longitudinal profile mirroring the smooth subglacial valley floor. Its areal extension is 4.0 km2 and the accumulation area is split into three cirques. These cirques are orientated WSW, WNW, N giving a complicated flow pattern on the tongue

The oldest documentation of the glacier is dated to 1883 when the French mountaineer and geographer Charles Rabot photographed the front while climbing Kebnekaise for the very first time. In 1910 the glacier was visited by Enquist who made a detailed photographic documentation of the entire glacier. The glacier front was next described by Schytt in 1945 while examining potential sites for the long term mass balance series which begun on Storglaciären the year after. Mass balance records exist from the years 1945/46, 1951/52 and 1952/53 (Schytt 1947 and Østrem unpublished). The glacier front was mapped occasionally between 1946 and 1963 and thereafter more or less annually. Since 1981 there is a continuous record of mass balance. Large scale photogrammetric maps are constructed based on aerial photographs from 1959, 1980 and 1990.

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Rabots glaciäre in late July 2003.
Rabots glaciäre in late July 2003. Photo P. Jansson.