Ruopsokjekna (67°21'N, 17°59'E) is a valley glacier on the northern side of the Äpar massif in the Sarek national park. he glacier is 3 km2 and it ends in a narrow valley. It was described by Schytt (1968). Around 1960 a small lake appeared at its terminus due to recession of the front. It was ice dammed until 1985 when it was drained through the glacier. The lake surface level dropped 7.4 metres and the total outburst was on the order of 200 000 m2. The glacier was included in the glacier front monitoring programme in 1965
Schytt, V., 1968: Notes on Glaciological activities in Kebnekaise, Sweden, during 1966 and 1967. Geografiska Annaler 50A (2): 111-120.