Storglaciären (67°54'N, 18°34'E) was first documented by Svenonius who photographed the glacier in 1886 (Svenonius 1910). A few years later the glacer was mapped by the authority of Land Survey. In 1897 the front position was surveyed by Nordgren and Rönnholm for the first time using measuring tape from two marked stones. The front was photographed again in 1904 and 1907 by Borg Mesch. These early photographs show an advancing front. In August 1910 the glacier was mapped using a photogrammetric theodolite by Enquist. Enquist constructed a map in the scale 1:10 000 of the fronts of the glaciers in the Tarfala valley. In 1922 the glacier was photographed again by Odencrantz. His and Enquists photos were later used to construct a map of the Kebnekaise massif in the scale 1:50 000 (STF 1925). Herrman made a detailed description of the front area and took photographs showing a thinning snout (Herrman 1933). Between 1930 and 1945 the front was visited a few times in order to survey the change in front position (Mannerfelt 1940)

In May 1946 the first accumulation survey was carried out (Schytt 1947). This survey was the initiation of the mass balance record of Storglaciären which is the longest in the world

More recent studies are described in the section XX.

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Storglaciären in 1995
Storglaciären in 1995 from the same point as the picture above by Enqvist. Photo: P. Holmlund
Storglaciären in late May 1999
Storglaciären in late May 1999. P. Jansson



Storglaciären 1910.
Storglaciären 1910. Photo: Fredrik Enquist



Storglaciären in 1995
Storglaciären in 1995 from the same point as the picture above by Enqvist. Photo: P. Holmlund




Photo taken from the E-stone
Photo taken from the E-stone. Photo P. Holmlund